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One of the most important characteristics in a vendor is their level of customer service. CP&S by far exceeds my expectations and is one of the best vendor relationships I’ve ever experienced in my 20-year career. They are not only extremely responsive, but very ethical and always recommends/does what’s in the best interest of our organization. I would recommend CPS to anyone needing a solid, knowledgeable and customer support-oriented company for their communications needs.

April H.

***** 5 Star, Over the last 20+ years they have not only handled the installation and upgrades of our phone and security systems in all of our 7 locations.
Always a fast response, never left hanging, always a follow up call to make sure things are good and we are happy. One of the few companies in the telecommunications business with excellent customer service.


Receiving a quality product accompanied by quality service is a requirement for our business. There is simply no other option. That’s exactly why I highly recommend Communications, Products & Services Inc. It’s the type of service that I would call “way above average”. I’m more than happy to carry that recommendation forward to other businesses who are in need of a quality phone system.

Kristy T.

The CPS team has always delivered above our expectations. Their professionalism and response is second to none.
We never have issues that they cannot efficiently solve.
We have their phone system, networking system and camera system. All work very well and were the right products for our application.
These guys know their business and prove it consistently


CP&S has been there the whole way to help us grow and maintain our phone system integrity along the way.
Whether is it phone cabling issues, phone issues, direct dial software or even wiring a new office for 2 moves, they have gotten the job done.
I cannot speak high enough of the help we receive from the team of service individuals, they help when problems here are above my level of understanding. They are always prompt, courteous and professional. In a world of fast paced corporations who don’t know your name, they have maintained a professional yet personal approach to their service.
We could not have grown as a company without their help with our phone system, programs and direction.


Above and Beyond
Communication Products & Services has won us over time and again with their amazing customer service. They are not only knowledgeable but personable as well. If you are looking for a company that stands out and stands behind their word , look no further!

Michelle S.

We moved our Omaha headquarters into a 40,000 SF facility. CP&S did the phone and data cabling, phone system and security cameras.
And most recently, we had CP&S complete installation of Phones and Security Cameras in our new Lenexa, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines & Davenport office locations.
The team at CP&S are professional and have always exceeded our expectations. The CPS team has always provided the best in service, equipment, and communication.
I would like to send our thanks to their great team and for all they’ve done for us…


Communications, Products & Services, Inc. gets a FIVE STAR RATING from our company.
They’re extremely knowledgeable of the system and it’s many capabilities.
They are quick to respond. If it’s a minor problem, (e.g. a programming question), they help us over the phone. Otherwise, for the major problems, a service technician is on his way, usually the same day. The staff is very friendly, courteous, and professional. We would recommend them to be your communications vendor no matter what the size of your business!.


We have worked with Communications, Products & Services for many years and on many projects, including telephone system installation, data cabling, wireless system setup, security camera setup and others. In an industry that is not always known for top notch customer service and response times, they stand out drastically. I always know I can count on Communications, Products & Services to deliver what needs to be done, on schedule, on budget and they are a pleasure to work with. The examples I have of when they have gone the extra mile are many and it is appreciated.


They remain our trusted “go-to” partner because of their responsive service, expertise and benchmarking of best practices regarding system and call routing design.
CPS has allowed us to get the most value and capability out of our system investment.


Attentive and prompt in their response we have always been able to count on CP&S.
The CPS team provides us with cost-saving options as well. Every time we have them show up and complete work for us they always make sure that they have our best interest in heart. It is not about what is easy for them it is about what the customer needs.


Communications, Products & Services, Inc. is the best company we have worked with for communications support.
Always willing to listen, communicate and be your support person with other vendors if needed. We are very pleased with every aspect of their service. It’s nice to have them on our team.
The service department is quick to respond to our calls and most helpful. We consider CPS a valuable friend in a busy communications world.


We have relied on Communication Products and Services for all of our phone, data and video cabling systems for over 20 years.
They are always reliable, responsive and reasonable and have worked with us and our other vendors to find the most efficient systems available to fit our needs.
CP&S has provided us with essential on-site training, support and follow up.


If any problems or questions arise, they are always available via phone or email. For major problems, we can count on a service technician the same day to handle our needs. I would recommend Communications, Products & Services, Inc. to be your communications vendor no matter what the size of your business!


We are thrilled with their products and customer support. CP&S works with a sense of urgency to address any technical questions or service issues we have with our equipment. Our phone system is critical to our company’s ability to do business. CP&S understands that and is always there when we need them.

Andy C.

The team at CP&S are not only knowledgeable, but they are friendly and efficient as well. We have come to regard them as business partners and real friends with our best interests in mind. We highly recommend CP&S and all the products and services they provide!

Ann B.

The response time to any needs we have had or even making last-minute changes to our phone system programming has always been a priority to the guys at Communications, Products and Services! A team that performs at the highest level of expertise and professionalism. Friendly, knowledgeable and perfectionists in their field! A great company to do business with!

Kendra L.

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